15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

So, I’m finally back guys!! sorry for the long wait.

I few months ago, my good friend George made a blog post called ’13 things you probably didn’t know about me’ and it inspired me to make my own. But instead of 13 I decide to add two extra fact about me because of my long absences. So here is 15 facts you probably didn’t know about me.

Check out George’s post➡️ https://atheatrelifeintraining.com/2017/07/08/13-things-you-probably-dont-know-about-me/
Fact 1: I’m the middle child of three girls (I have two sisters)
Debbie (left), Me (middle), and EA (right)

Yup, my mum gave birth to three beautiful girls (I’m the ugliest) EA, Temi (me), and Debbie. We don’t look anything alike and yes people, we all have the same mum and dad but we came out looking completely different from one and other. But even though we don’t look-alike, (according to my friends) we laugh the same, talk the same, and we look alike when we wear our glasses. My young sister Debbie is 5 years younger and my older sister, EA and I are 3 years apart,

Growing up was really fun. EA was known to be the quite (but loud when you get to know her properly) & super intelligent one. I was known to be the loud, overly confident & fun one. Debbie was known to be the quite but cheeky AF one…  and long story short we pretty much get along.

Fun fact: My older sister and i was both estimated to be born on the same day – 16th December. She was weeks early and i I was almost a month late (I was born on the 2nd January) 
Fact 2: I’m Nigerian Decent
Not my picture – credit to owner

Both my parents are from the green white green. My dad is 3/4 Yoruba 1/4 Fulani and my mum is half Yoruba and half Awori. I was born and raised in England but lived in Nigeria (around 2008) for a year.

Fact 3: My favourite movie are…

Untitled design

So, I’m big movie fan and I have way too many movies I adore because I love to watch movies from around the world. Here is the list..

  • Coyote Ugly
  • Oldboy (Korean)
  • A Frozen Flower
  • Miracle in cell no.7
  • I am Sam
  • The Devil wear Prada
  • Fast and Furious(all)
  • Harry Potter (all)
  • Nymphomaniac (vo. I & .II)
  • Mulan: Rise of a Warrior
  • The Throne
  • Sprits’ Homecoming
  • The Concubine
  • House of Flying daggers
  • The Breakfast Club

and so many more…

Fact 4: Dance is kind of my life
Not my picture – credit to owner

According to my parents, I’ve been moving my body to the beat of the music before I could even stand up by myself. When i was a baby, my dad used to hold me up on the table at parties and everyone would watch me dance.

When I could finally stand one my own and walk, I spent most of my childhood watching MTV Base (I had no interest in Disney or any other children programs) and copy the dance movies I saw on TV. I particularly loved to watch Michael Jackson’s music videos and copy the dance routines of the break downs. Beyoncé showed me how to move like a woman; body rolling, how to do the ‘uh oh’ dance and all. Shakira taught me how to belly dance and JLo coached me on great footwork.

I remember tell my mum numerous times that I wanted to become a dancer or a singer but she never took me to dance lessons. I guess she felt that I didn’t need them since I was doing so well teaching myself how to dance.

I’ve still got some move but I lost the discipline, so I’m not as great at dancing as I should be. (but I’m currently trying to get my great skills back) I still dance a lot.

Fact 5: Fashion was always my interest
Not my picture – credit to owner 

Growing up, the careers I wanted to pursue always changed – I wanted to be a singer, dancer, actress, film director and even a member of S.W.A.T. But I never really wanted to work in the filed of fashion even though I always had a major interest in fashion.

My favourite girl group growing up during the 90’s to 00’s in Britain was obviously The Spice girls and the band member I adored the most was Posh Spice – Victoria Beckham, and I guess that was when my love for fashion really began.

When I was around 6 years old, I started to look up to my older sister. I would hate to admit but it’s true, I admired everything she did which made me copy her. From the way she dressed to her hobbies, I even mimicked her hand writing. One of the hobbies my sister had at that age was fashion illustration (she wanted to be a fashion designer at the time).  So me being the mindless 6-year-old I was then, I copied her, but I soon found so much joy doing it.

From the age of around 3 to now, I’ve always been interested in (even in the slightest) beauty of fashion. So I makes sense why I choose a career in fashion.

Fact 6: I actually love sports
Not my picture – credit to owner

One thing that some people find surprising about me is that I actually love sport. Occasionally, I watch rugby but I don’t understand the rules of the game fully but I know enough to understand how points are gained and enjoy the game. I’m not totally invested in it to the point where I have a club I support – I just generally support England but if I have to pick a team it would be Exeter chiefs. I just find it fun to watch them play.

I love playing netball and volleyball, even though I haven’t played since high school. During my high school career, I always played netball and the centre position. I never played for my school because my mum wasn’t comfortable with me going to after school clubs during the winter (it gets dark to quickly) and that was the time when all the netball matches took place. But I always played during P.E. If I didn’t play centre, then Goal attack would be the position of choice but I can’t shoot because of my height so I always passed the ball to the Goal Scorer. During the summer I would always be nominated to run the 200 meter sprint (which I always got 1st place in) and 4×100 meter relay.

In the future, because I’m an adrenaline junky, I would love to try to learn snowboarding, bungee jumping, sky diving and many more extreme sports. Also, I wanna try water boarding, so if you’re like a pro at any of these sports, please teach me.

Fact 7: my style icons are…
fashion icons.jpg
Individual pictures are not mine – credit to owner. Audrey Hepburn (far left) G-Dragon (bottom right) CL (bottom middle) Sandara Park (top right) Dita von Teese (Top Middle) 

I look up to more than one icon because I admire different fashion styles,  for different reasons. These are my fashion Icons:

  • Audrey Hepburn  – For her simple yet elegant French chic style
  • G-Dragon – For his one of a kind style (no one can pull it off like GD)
  • CL (singer) – For her street, bold and feminine tough style
  • Sandara Park – For her feminine, cute, soft yet bold style
  • Dita von Teese – For her sexy, feminine and confident style
Fact 8: I’m a big city chick
Not my picture – credit to owner

Don’t get me wrong, I love the outdoors and open fields and the whole 9 … who am I kidding? I’m a city chick. I need 24/7 and easy public transport that links from one end of the city to the other; I need a variety of places I can go to at night and, I need the noise of traffic and occasional drunkards walking past my flat at night so I can have a sound sleep. i need my area to be overpacked with people, I kind of have the oppostie of claustrophobia, I start feel super uncomfortable when there is too much space around me. But I can stay at a non city area for a while but after I will be wanting to go back home – LONDON BABY!

The fact that at some areas, their shops close at around 5pm is unbelievable to me – how the … excuse me french … FUCK I’M I SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE THERE!? Nope, I need to live in a city … or at least get to a city easily.

Fact 9: my favourite colours are Gold, pink and my favourite shade is black
pink tri
Not my picture – credit to owner


I love the colours black, pink and gold … what more can I say…

why? I have no reason why,  I love them, I just do.

Fact 10: I love Korean Music and the entertainment.


So, how did my I discover Korean music? Thanks to my older sister. During her time of her music GCSE exam, she need to cover a song on the piano and one of her old mates (who was asian, I think was Filipino) introduced her to Taeyang’s song – Wedding dress. my sister loved the song and told me to listen to it. The song gave me so too much Usher vibes (fun fact: Usher was my first celebrity crush) so I fell in love with him and explored more of his songs. From there, I explored Big Bang and from them, I found out about 2NE1, and from them I discovered the world of K-pop and Korean entertainment. I became a super fan of K-Pop especially for 2NE1 and all of Big Bang.

As I grew older, I realised that I have to get a life and invest all this energy on myself and my grades. So a grew out of my obsession and I’m not a super fan of K-pop anymore because I couldn’t keep up with the amount of girl and boy band these people keep producing.

I still listen to Korean music: K-Ballads ( like Lee Sora, Gummy, Lee Sun Hee), K-R&B (like Crush, Zion.T, Jay Park, Kim Gun Mo) K-Hip Hop (like Dok2, Nucksal, Double K, Tasha etc) and Some K-Pop artist (like Big Bang, CL, basically the majority of YG artist, CNBLUE etc). But for entrainment, I was never into Korean Drama’s and I have no interest in getting into them but I love, love, love Korean films and variety shows. The shows I watch religiously are Running man and Ask Us Anything. I sometimes watch Weekly Idol and other shows (it depends on the guest they have).

Because of my love for the country’s music, entertainment and food – I might travel to South Korea in the near future and I’m currently learning Korean (Hangul).

Fact 11: I love. I repeat… LOVE ROSES!!!
my rose
Not my picture – credit to owner

My favourite flower is a rose. I love the look, the smell and everything else about them. if you want to get me roses, I will love it if you could get me the ones that are in boxes and last up to one year.

Fact 12: My guilty pleasure is Arianna Grande
Not my picture – credit to owner

I have a confession to make. I love Arianna Grande’s music. Like her albums are amazing. Dangerous woman, True love, Wit It This Christmas, December, Moonlight, Adore, Side by Side are just a few of my jams. Ari, you are amaz-balls.

Fact 14: I think I have a sugar addiction
Not my picture – credit to owner

Don’t want to admit but I have a major sweet tooth. I have to at least have one sweet thing a day, If I don’t I get really grumpy. So for the benefit of the people surround me, I will never go on a no sugar diet, ever.

Fact 15: I’m a virgin
Not my picture – credit to owner

I’m a Virgin and will like to stay that way until I become Mrs, somebody. I may (or may not) talk more about this subject in another post.

Fact 16: I love JK films
Not my picture – credit to owner

I mudda Love JK (Just Kidding Family). I get my news from them every morning while sipping my cup of green tea. I love David, the baws (those cunies), Tiffany, Julia, King of Joemalia, Gina Darling and the rest of the Just Kidding crew. This picture of David is iconic and the caption is even more legendary.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 00.07.35
Not my picture – credit to owner

And those are my facts, comment below if you wanna see a part 2 and like and share ❤️ See you guys soon.

P.s As you can see my writing is not that great anymore but don’t worry this is the last of Temi’s bad writing because I’m going to be writing more frequently. Also, I will be posting every Friday now because Monday’s aren’t working and Uni is more hectic than expected. So be expecting another post on Friday (in 2 weeks time) .


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